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8 Things to do in Podstrana


The treasury of Podstrana is unique and unrepeatable. Its turnkeys: the Adriatic Sea, Perun hill and the Žrnovnica River open to Podstrana visitors unexpected gates to its treasures. Therefore, Podstrana, although one and only, appears different to everyone and never the same.

Positioned in Central Dalmatia next to Split, distance from the Omiš and Cetina river canyon is 18 Km away. From the seaside just on opposite side of island Brač. Residents of Podstrana heritage natural beauty, Mediterranean temperature and picturesque landscapes. It carries all the features of the Mediterranean climate. Podstrana has a great position and slowly is becoming elite suburb of Split.

Away from the city rush but close to the Split city makes it perfect vacation start point for you. This suburban town of Split has around 10,000 inhabitants. Is Split Croatia points of interest? Search no more.


  • The length of the Podstrana coast is 6000 meters. 2700 hours of sunshine annually. The beaches are mostly pebbly and completely walkable with many cafés and restaurants by the shore.
  • Best suited for many many types of travelers’ singles, couples, small and large families, group of friends, history or nature explorers. It is the ideal starting point for those looking to explore central Dalmatia in particular city of Split, Trogir that both are under UNESCO protection, Omiš the pirate city, old ruins of Salona which all are true historical gold mines of Croatia.
  • 2000 meters long promenade by the river Žrnovnica that mouth to the Adriatic Sea perfect for nice walk, cycling or recreational run, and do not forget about 6000 meter of coast, which are connected into a walking path.
  • If you are shopping type just few kilometers away from two big shopping malls
  • Unlimited number of restaurants and dining options
Argola Podstrana

Fine dining in Podstrana taverns and casual restaurants

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets with and unique environment. Family run restaurant and unthinkable Dalmatian taverns. Taste local Croatian dishes prepared in traditionally style with locally grown fruits and vegetables. If you prefer a seafood, or barbecue there is a plenty of that. Feel the Mediterranean culinary experience with a glass of red or white wine.

Horseback riding in croatia

Horseback riding

Woodland, hills, fields and river you will love the peace and tranquility of the beautiful surroundings. Since you can choose from big horse or a small pony it will be unforgettable memory no mater how old you are. Skilled team have many years of experience in horse riding and trail guiding so if you are horse riding enthusiasts or a professional you are good to go.

Via Ferrata Perunika

Via  Ferrata Perunika is an extreme hiking trail that hikers and other non-climbing people can safely climb otherwise inaccessible routes. It consists of metal blades and wedges, and a steel cable that allows safe progression through the rock. The length of the ferrate is 280 meters, and from the foot to the top this way exceeds 140 meters above sea level.

Characterized by some exposed parts, vertical jumps, and by difficulty marked as medium-heavy. Who find themselves not accustomed to rock climbing, provides a different dimension, gives them access to mountaineering and climbing in one sure way, while at the same time Ferrata offers a fascinating view of Split, Podstrana and Dalmatian islands. 

Are you ready to try Via Ferrata Perunika Split?


Across the eastern and southeastern side of Podstrana is Mount Perun with the highest peak of the Veliki Perun (Great Perun), which is located at 443 meters above sea level. From Podstrana there are four marked hiking trails, and from the Žrnovnica side of hill another one.

Why to take a hike? Since hiking in Podstrana does not require a lot of effort and it is the best way to discover all the beauty of nature and to enjoy in perfect sites from the seacoast, mountain peaks, city of Split and surrounding island. Best time for this adventure is early spring up to first of June, and from mid-September.

Two competitors cycling on the road


Is the bicycle your primary or secondary mode of transport? On the other hand, maybe just way for recreation. Croatian cycling trails combines particularly suggestive localities mountain range, countryside or urban scene.  It is also an ecological and refined means to move through and get to know various zones and territories.

Throughout the Podstrana, there are several bicycle tracks find paths and trails based on your level of preparation. If you are in love with this kind of adventure, we can say Dalmatian bike trails are for all generations. If you cannot carry your bicycle here, you can rent one locally.

Kayaks on the river of Zrnonica

Recreation in water 

Combination of sea & river, around the Podstrana bay with beautiful surrounding mountain landscapes. Sail along a beautiful, quiet river Žrnovnica. How does it feel? It is a mediation in motion with the whole sea quiet and you beneath the moon. Discover Dalmatia, revel Podstrana and Stobreč coast from the Adriatic seaside. What is going to be? Stand-up paddleboards or a sea kayak? It is up to you to choose.

Tourist enjoying the sun and sea at the Adriatic shore

Beach, Sun & Sea

Who doesn’t like Vitamin Sea? Since river, Žrnovnica mouths into the sea in Podstrana new sand beach (opening this summer 2019) which will be the first one in the row on the 6,000 meters long coast with tendency in next few years to become the best beaches near Split.

Thanks to the long coast, you can pick which Podstrana beach you prefer: pebble, rocky or sand. The choice is yours. Stay relaxed while enjoy swimming or diving and get a nice sunbath. Numerus bars and restaurants where you can have a meal or take some refreshments.

Soparnik pie, one of the traditional Dalmatian meal.

Summer of culture

During the summer time, traditionally Tourist board of Podstrana organizes a series of cultural events, concerts and fishermen’s nights. In summer months almost every day, something is happening. Musical concerts with classic music pop music and a traditional Dalmatian a cappella singing. To have fun as a local visit one of Podstrana fishermen’s nights and enjoy the wine and traditional fishermen’s marshes with an excellent and relaxed atmosphere. Just another one I keep for last and it is another gastronomic pleasure.

Manifestation “At the Poljica table” (loc. Za Poljičkim stolom) guest can taste old authentic dishes from historic republic of Poljica. At this manifestation many locals of Poljica municipality are involved, who will introduce to the numerous visitors specialties of this region famous for their gastronomy.

Where to stay in Podstrana?

Since AA Dalmatia King size apartment with private pool and terrace is in Podstrana and away from city rush it is  your great choice for starting to explore Croatia and Central Dalmatia.

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Podstrana tourist office


DAVORA JURASA 2, Podstrana

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