AA Dalmatia

Mouth of river Cetina surrounded with mountain.

A visit to Central Dalmatia can be much more than a quiet vacation in the sun and the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean. Where the sea ends the magic of Dalmatia does not stop. Magical world of mountains, rivers and lakes opens up. 

People under the watherfall in the river

Croatia has eight national parks and ten nature parks and most of them are in Dalmatia. With its seven impressive waterfalls and a total fall of 242 m, the national park Krka with breathtaking waterfallss is a natural phenomenon.


Vranjaca cave, impressed by nature

Acquaint yourself with the marvelous underground word of stalactites and stalagmites, the world of underground sculptures shaped by thousands year old action of water far away from daylight and hidden from view. Discover the splendour of Vranjaca cave decoration and experience for yourself all their shapes and sizes.

Horses in the woods

Nature Park Biokovo is the largest and highest mountain in Dalmatia. Biokovo is a protected nature park, spreading across the surface and 19,550 ha2 on Biokovo Mountain with the highest peek stands at 1762 m. The road leading to the peak is fully paved. This is a place where wild horses are tame.

Lake a lake that is engraved in the rock.

The karst phenomena Blue and Red Lakes near the town of Imotski draw particular attention. The bottom of Red lake is only 19 m above sea level while water levels oscillate between 285 and 320 meter making this the deepest lake in Europe.

People on the river, bikes, mountain all kind of outdoor activity.

The excitement offers by sport activities adapted to average bodily fitness and for those who like to test the limits of endurance and adventure will leave you with an experience of freedom and wonderful memories Enjoy your holiday through an active vacation. All in near canyoning , hiking, rock climbing, rafting and much more…

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