AA Dalmatia


No parties, wedding or any other events are allowed. To comply with the host regulations, no more than persons who has booked the accommodation will be allowed to sleep over or spend the night or to stay on property during your stay. So, no additional guests, friends, etc… are not allowed to stay or visit.

Drugs and prostitution activities will not be tolerated. No nudity. No filming or recording of adult material. No loud music is allowed to play at any time and no jungle sounds, animal imitations and similar sounds. We reserve the right to ask any person to leave, who indulge in foul language or conduct themselves to disturb the peace or comfort of surrounding neighbors or any of rules above without a refund and security deposit return.

Please respect our property, equipment and furnishings. All electrical appliances (AIR-CONDITION, TV, etc.) and lights need to be turned off when you are not at home. Before you leave the place, please close all the doors and windows. Do not make noises from 10 pm to 9 am. Pool is open from 09 am up to 09 pm (09:00-21:00). No glass of fragile objects near the pool. Due to Croatian law each guest must provide photo ID or passport for registration purpose. All facilities and equipment in the apartment and outside of it you use on your own responsibility.

Apartment owner cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages resulting from the inappropriate use of its contents and facilities. In general, apartment is located in quiet and peaceful neighborhood but in case of loud noise in the neighborhood due to construction work or any kind of other activity we do not consider ourselves responsible.

Breaking the house rules will result in cancellation of the reservation without any refund, as you made that decision yourself.

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