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Things to do in Omiš Croatia


Positioned in Central Dalmatia 25 Km from Split city and 15 Km from Podstrana. Omiš municipality has a population of around 15000 souls. Mediterranean temperature and picturesque landscapes. As all places in Croatia located in Central Dalmatia, it carries all the features of the Mediterranean climate. Omiš has a great position and it is one of best places for adventures during the  whole year. In the article below you will find things to do in Omiš Croatia.

Between the blue sea and the harsh Dinara Mountain, cut down by the Cetina River Canyon where the Cetina River flows into the sea, Omiš the pirate town has been founded.



  • Size of Omiš city is around 266 square kilometers. 2700 hours of sunshine annually. Throughout the Omiš area, beaches are mostly sandy and several pebble beaches. As at many places, Omiš area also provides many options with food and drink.

  • Best suited for many types of travelers’ singles, couples, small and large families, group of friends, history or nature explorers and especially for active and adventures types of  holidays, Omiš is ideal spot and it near Podstrana Riviera.

  • Ideal place for visiting if you in love with adventure activities or you just want to chill on the long sandy Omiš beach.

Omis city Cetina river

Omiš old town

No matter you are staying or just visiting Omiš take a walk through Omiš old town one of the things you have to do in Omis Croatia is walk through the old part of Omiš should not take more than half an hour. Through this short walk on old charming streets, you will always discover historic monument or a church and you will feel a flashback from medieval times. In case that you are not, a fan of the history, you can always chill in one of the Omiš restaurant or cafe bar. In approximately five minutes’ walk from Omiš old town center is Fortress Mirabella.  

Omiš fortress

What makes Omiš stand out from other places is that it has two fortresses and both can be reached on foot. Mirabelle Fortress located just five minutes’ walk from the old town, and for those who are more adventures should go the Fortica, Starigrad fortress that is located at 262 meters above sea level. I have mange to climb up (I am not in so good physical condition, and I saw kids 7-8 years old up on top), so no excuses.

Mirabella Fortress

Mirabelle Fortress

The 13th Century Mirabelle Fortress can be found high up on the hill behind the Old Town of Omiš. It is due to its height that the views are so magical. It only takes about 30 minutes to climb to the top but the path consists of a set of steep stairs, so may cause you to huff and puff a bit. The route is well signposted with the trail starting next to St. Michael’s church. There is an entrance fee of 20 or 25 Kuna in high season (1.7. to 31.8.) Kuna to climb right to the top. Make sure you climb the ladder in the tower to get the best possible views.

Fortica was primarily used as a shelter in the event that Omis was surrounded by enemies.

Starigrad fortress – Fortica fortress

Fortica fort or Starigrad fortress Omiš, is a fort at the top of Omiš Dinara, from there you can see the whole town of Omiš, the Cetina river canyon and the islands of Brac, Hvar and Solta. That was a great vantage point for local pirates who used it to control the surrounding sea and land area.

They are two way to climb up, but I would recommend to go up the way which starts from the back of the parking area after the tunnel. There you will find a sign Fortica Starigrad. In case you are going through summer days route goes through a pine forest so it will keep you out of sun for a good way.

Small tip do not go in the middle of summer day it can be extremely hot. Carry a water with you, and most important thing do not try to climb up in open or semi open footwear. When you reach to the top, you will get the most amazing view to the Omiš sand beach called Velika beach Omiš located near center, to Cetina River and Cetina river canyon.

When you reach Fortica Starigrad fortress they do charge a small entrance fee of 15 Kuna. To get the full hiking experience in Omiš I would recommend going other way down. This trail is bit longer and you will have magnificent views of Omiš old town, Omiš sand beach and on the left complete Omiš coast side all way down. In my opinion definitely a must do.

Velika beach omis

Omiš beach Croatia

Tired of everything and just want to swim, relax and sunbath with a cocktail in your hand? Those are the favorite activates that most guests are experiencing all along the Croatia coast. Through all Dalmatian shore, there are endless possibilities for swimming and sunbathing.

Main beach near old town is Velika Omiš beach; it is around 700 meters long and t carries the Blue Flag certificate for water quality and safety.On the main road from Split to Omiš is a camping site with 400 m long sand beach.

In my opinion those are the best beaches in Omiš if you really want to enjoy the sun and sea.On those two sandy beaches, you will find variety of entertainment and leisure activities.

If you prefer the pebble beaches on the south side of just few minutes from Omiš you will find Brzet Beach.

Things to do in Omis Croatia


Canyoning through Cetina river canyon

Through Cetina river canyon another exciting sport or outdoor activity would be canyoning. This outdoor activity involves walking, trekking, waterfall rappelling and swimming in the clear water. Cetina Canyoning adventure start near the village Zadvarje. Deepest part of this adventure is 180 meters. Highest waterfall is 55 meters. Activity time is between 3 and 4 hours. Certified guide is leading the tour. Wet suits, life vests, climbing harnesses and helmets are provided. If this is not adventures enough for you feel free to try out Extreme canyoning through Cetina river canyon. Whatever you pick it will be a great memory from Croatia.

Rafting on river Cetina

Cetina river Rafting

Another recreational outdoor activity is rafting adventure through Cetina canyon. White water rafting adventure on Cetina river start at Pavica Bridge (Pavića most loc. name) which is over 110 years old. Rafting trip takes between three and four hours. You will be equipped safety equipment and be led by certified rafting skipper.  Maximum capacity of the raft is eight persons. White water Cetina adventure finishes at the picnic place called Radmanove Mlinice. Feel the adrenalin and be impressed by the beautiful Cetina River. Find out more or book you trip here.

zipline omis advnture

Zip wire Omiš Croatia

Are you brave enough? Are you ready for complete different experience? Zip line Omiš is defently for you. Overall length of wire is 2100 meters it contains eight wires and the high is 150 meters above ground level. It will be probably fun, exciting way to see and experience Cetina canyon under you. Learn more about this experience and enjoy beautiful nature with zipline in Omiš.

cetina river kayaking

Cetina River Kayaking

Easy going and relaxing trip. Experience the river Cetina with many secrets and beautiful landscape while getting down to Adriatic Sea. Cetina river kayaking tour starts approximately 5 miles upstream from city of Omiš. Easy paddling journey takes between 2:30 to 3:00 hours.

Panoramic boat tour on cetina river

Panoramic boat tour


Because of unique position surrounded with sea, mountain and the river in Omiš, you can enjoy plenty of adventures and outdoor activity. Let end with “easy one”, you can explore Cetina river canyon on a panoramic boat tour or just drive up with a car to a picnic place of Radmanove mlinice. You can find boat for this kind of trip all day long just around the Omiš Bridge where Cetina River mouth to sea. Usually it is a half an hour ride, but you can get a customize ride through the Cetina river canyon. In case you did not know Cetina River is 101 Km long. Naturally, you can of course walk or have a run but it is pretty time consuming. It is up to you.


Mile Gojsalic monument

Who was Mila Gojsalic? She is a Croatian folk heroine. She lived during the ottoman wars in Croatia. Ottoman Ahmed-pasha gathered an army of 10 000 men with a goal to conquer Poljica republic. She volunteered to sacrifice herself and lose her virginity to the Ahmed-pasha in order to be able to infiltrate the Turkish camp. After her infiltration, she blow up munitions stockpile and killed Ahmed-pasha and numerous officers and soldiers. Turkish soldiers were completely surprised and confused with her act. Remaining Turkish soldiers were then overrun by people of Poljica. Famous art sculpture Ivan Mestrovic made and install the statue of Mila Gojsalic above the town of Omiš. If you reach this point stop, you will get a breathtaking view of Omiš.

Things to do in Omis Croatia 

Omiš events

Omis guitar fest

Omiš Guitar Fest

During the whole summer through the Croatian coast you can find cultural and gastro events including Omiš. Here I will write a few sentences about three of them

Omiš Guitar Fest is a festival established in 2010 and it is promoting guitar as the instrument. Each year in June world-class guitarists and people who enjoy the sound of this instrument are attending this festival. People from all over the world are attending this festival and competition and the only thing that they have incoming is guitar. Vlatko Stefanovski, David Dyakov, Ansambl Laurum, Francesco Scelzo and many, many others guitar players were part of this event.


Croatian Klapa singing

What is Croatian klapa or Klapa singing? Klapa singing is Dalmatian traditional acapella singing. Klapa in translation would mean group of friends.

Motifs in klapa songs usually celebrate love, wine (grapes), country (homeland) and sea. Festival dalmatinskih klapa Omiš (Croatian for Omiš Festival of Dalmatian Klapa) Is music festival in Omiš and it is held every year since 1966, and this is the most important live event in Klapa singing in Croatia. Find out more about Klapa festival in Omiš.

Omis pirate battle

Omiš Pirate battle

Every year on August 18th Omiš pirate battle reconstructs a battle that took place in the 13 century, and put city of Omiš as a Pirate city on Adriatic Sea. This remake of the battle describe the fight between Venetian fleet against pirates from Omiš. The outcome of this fight is that Venetian having to pay a fee in gold coins to pass through the Brač channel. Feel the true Omiš pirate life on August 18 and enjoy the remake of pirate battle first hand.

Where to stay during your vacation in Croatia?

Since AA Dalmatia is only 15 minutes from Omis it would be a great place to stay. 

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Omis old town
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