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Trogir view from the fortress

Trogir Croatia in one day


When people ask you what is Trogir like? You can say Trogir is a historic town, harbor on the on the Adriatic coast. The collision of history and culture has shaped this stone beauty. Trogir is also characterized by its architectural diversity and here you can see architecture ranges from Greek, to Romanic, Gothic, Austro-Hungarian and modern.  Historical and cultural difference of Trogir is visible in every aspect of the town. Exterior stone facades are ingrained with history, while its interiors are mini museums of relics, statues, furniture enriched with gold, religious icons and books as old as the town itself.

Trogir what to visit? Trogir was founded by the Greek in the 3rd century BC. For centuries, and through the time was targeted destination for many artists, writers, culturists and wondering travelers. From 1997 Trogir is listed as World Heritage Site and it is under UNESCO protection.

Let say now you know why Trogir is a world heritage site and reason why visit Trogir.


  • Trogir is island or to be more specific it is islet on the sea passage between the mainland and island Čiovo. Trogir is near Split approximately 30 minutes’ drive with a car and around 45 minutes from Podstrana.
  • Trogir islet is 250 meters wide and just 500 meters long and people sometimes call it Little Venice of Croatia. 2700 hours of sunshine annually.
  • Best suited for many types of travelers’ singles, couples, small and large families, group of friends.
  • If you are in big love with architecture, history and art take a few hours or a day to visit Trogir it is a real stone gem.
  • Unlimited number of restaurants and dining options. You can combine cultural visit of this Croatian gem with one of the numerous beaches on Island Čiovo.
  • At the end of this article download Trogir old town map

Church of St. Sebastian and Trogir loggia

St. John’s Square Trogir

What to see in Trogir? If you are a history buff who seeks out architecture ranges built by ancient civilizations, begin your exploration of Trogir history from St. John’s Square. It is the heart of Trogir old town and here you will find glorious mix of churches and Cathedral.

Clock tower and Town’s Loggia

Trogir Loggia with wooden ceiling and old reliefs and the church of St. Sebastian with the clock tower on the southwest side of this picturesque main square is another famous landmark of Trogir. Church of Saint Sebastian was built in 1476 as a vow of Trogir citizens for salvation from the plague.

The Cathedral of St. LawrenceTrogir

Cathedral of St. Lawrence

The construction of the St. Lawrence (loc. name Katedrala Sv. Lovre) Cathedral started around year 1200, and it was completed at the beginning of the 17th century. Practicing the church ceremonies from Middle Ages is a building with Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque slogans and it is a place of many valuable works of art.


Cathedral of St. Lawrence Trogir entrence

One of the most notable features is the amazing Romanesque entrance door and it is masterpiece artwork of Master Radovan. The first floor was made in a the Gothic slogan and it is a work of Matej Gojković.The second floor has the features of Venetian floral Gothic of the 15th century, while the third Renaissance floor of the bell tower made by the stonemason Tripun Bokanić.

Best views of Trogir and everything what surrounds it is from cathedral’s bell tower.

St. Lawrence Cathedral  entrance fee is 25 Kn


Kamerlengo Fortress

Photo source www.all-free-photos.com.

Kamerlengo Fortress and St. Mark’s Tower

After Venice conquered Trogir they started to build a castle and fortress in Trogir. The year of construction is from 1420 to 1437 and it is located on the southwestern corner of the Trogir islet. All along the walls of the fortress, there is a passage from all sides that army patrols. The Kamerlengo Fortress is open for visitors and from its tower you can have another spectacular view on old town of Trogir and areas around. During the summer dates you can in the Kamerlengo Fortress you can enjoy many cultural events and concerts. The St. Mark’s Tower was built in the 15th century

Kamerlengo Fortress entrance fee is 25 Kn

inside of cathedral of st lawrence

Not many know that about 10 churches, monastery, cathedral and numerous buildings starting from the 13th century including city walls 15th century and the city gate from 17th century. Overall let say it is a “small stone forest”.

view of trogir from the sea

St. Peter church was built in 14th century and once it was a part of Benedictine monastery. St. Dominic Monastery and its authentic construction is on the southwest side of the island near the sea. Construction of a church began in the 13th century. Worth seeing are religious status around the church marble and artwork to admire. In case you are a fan of HBO Tv show Game of thrones St. Dominic Monastery Trogir is one of filming location.

The church of St. Nicholas (Kairos collection) is another heritage highlight of Trogir. What is Kairos collection? Kairos collection is the town’s most famous relief of the Greek god of happiness. This piece of art was made in the 3rd century BC. Built in 1066 with a bell tower added in the 16th-century on the foundations of older smaller churches and the southern gate of the ancient town, with building styles from Romanesque period to Baroque time.

What else to do in Trogir on your walking tour? You should stop to visit The Civic Museum. It is located near cathedral and Land gate it will be a shame not to stop here. Inside you will find Greek and Roman artifacts, old documents and paintings. On the first floor, you will see a collection of furniture. Quite interesting will also to see some antique clothing and uniforms.

Trogir promenade

After a nice lovely walk, stop. Have a seat, have a cup of coffee or something else on Trogir promenade by the sea

Church Our lady of Prizidnice in island of Ciovo

Another place where to go in Trogir surroundings would be our lady of Prizidnice is the ‘‘keeper of our sea and sailors’’. In the 16th ct., priests from Poljica chose a desolate point on the steep cliffs on the island of Čiovo and built a shrine dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. Above the entrance carved in the wall are two stone tablets bearing witness to its history. The church today is uninhabited and is located on the southeast end of the island on a cliff above the sea. From here you can see the islands Brač and Šolta. It provides the best location for gazing at the sun while it is rising or setting.

Trogir How to get there?

In case you are wondering how to visit Trogir from Split, you can go by car, bus or even boat. How far Trogir from Split? Journey from Split to Trogir will take approximately half an hour and from Podstrana around 45 minutes with a car.

The cheapest way is by the BUS and it departures from main local BUS station in Split that is located in Sukoišanska ul. Bus number is 37 driving to Trogir. Bus line 37  timetable from Split to Trogir and vice versa. Alternatively if you are in city center you can go to the main bus station next to Split city center, just on the other side of the road from ferry port and try to catch the bus going to Šibenik or Zadar which makes the stop at Trogir.

Boat line connects ferry port Split on the port Trogir. Only one company serves this line and it is Bura Line. In high season, it runs from four to six times per day, in low season it does not sail. The length of this trip is approximately one hour and five minutes. 

Regarding the car, I think you do not need an advice 🙂

Trogir where to park?

OK to keep long story short… Where to park car in Trogir? It is a difficult question. But I’ll try to make it simple . Click on the following link with Google list of parking places in Trogir. Good luck and no guarantee that you will get a place!

Where to stay while visiting Trogir?

In case you are visiting Trogir for one day best play to stay would be at AA Dalmatia king size apartment with private pool and terrace.

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Trogir tourist office


Trg Ivana Pavla II 1, 21220, Trogir

Trogir promenade
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