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Which island Brač or Hvar?

The Croatian coastline is incredible 1777 km long, and Croatian side of Adriatic Sea has more than 1244 islands, islets and crags. Forty eight Croatian islands are inhabited.

Croatia offers stunning nature, mind-blowing culture and clear sea. From day to day Croatian islands seems to get more popular for a day trip to one of the islands, custom private tours or island hoping day trips. Most of the time travelers stick to their standard itinerary, but there is more to the country with famous Croatian coastline.

Where ever you decide to go, you can expect extraordinary natural beauty and history.

Dalmatian Islands
Supetar Brac Croatia

Brač island Croatia

is the biggest mid Dalmatian Island located just on opposite side of Split city near Podstrana. In case you decide to start your journey with a car and cruise up through the island, you will start your journey in small town of Supetar Brač and there you will arrive with ferry from Split. Supetar is also a biggest town on the island. Check time table and book your ferry ticket here

Another interesting fact about island Brač it is widely famous for its stone, which adorns the world famous buildings . One part of the White house in Washington D.C is made of it an HQ of UN building in New York city.

Vidova Gora

On the detached road, half way from Supetar to the most famous Croatian beach Zlatni rat you will find Vidova gora the highest peak of the Adriatic archipelago (780 meters), and it was named after the ruins of Saint Vitus’s Church located only a hundred meters from the peak. Stop by this highest peak of the Adriatic and enjoy the million-dollar view to Golden horn and Croatian coastline.

Golden horn at Bol Island Brac, view from the sky

Bol-Golden horn

Located in the Bol Croatia 36 kilometers from Supetar in the foothills of Vidova gora. One of the most beautiful beach in Europe Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn). On the both sides of the Zlatni rat you can find around 634 meters of fine pebbles. Don’t expect sand you want get it 🙂 . Golden horn on island Brac is one of the Croatian trademark whose unique beauty leave every visitor breathless, and many consider this the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic.

Another interesting thing about  Zlatni rat is one natural phenomenon. Depending on the direction of the wind or waves, the tip of tip beach turns left or right. Looking for a place for wind surfing in Croatia? Golden Horn is a popular destination for that sport.

Take a virtual tour of Zlati rat beach  before you visit Bol.

How can you reach Bol on Brač, well you can arrange private boat tour, with car or taxi from Supetar to Bol. Direct line from Split to Bol. Check your dates book on line and enjoy it!

Pustinja Blaca (The Blaca Hermitage)

can be found on the southern side of Brač island. Started in 1551 at the stone cave by the two Glagolitic monks running away from Turkish invasion. The ages were passing and hardworking monks build up church and the monastery. Residential and farm buildings, turning the forests into olive groves and vineyards. This Croatian culture heritage is a true miracle, because it is build and maintained four centuries under such difficult conditions.

What will you see at Pustinja Blaca? Rich collection of antique weapons, many varied antique watches, and extremely rich library of many hands written scripts in the Croatian Cyrillic. This piece of Croatian history was added to the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST in 2007.

The Blaca Hermitage can be reached from two directions. Visitors can come by car from Nerezisce, or by boat from Bol on Brač to Blato bay. Whatever way you choose, last 30 minutes will always be only on foot.

Here you can get Brač island map

Hvar Croatia

Hvar island is another popular destination located in Central Dalmatia. Hvar island is also know as  “island of lavender”, and it is slowly imposing itself as a wine destination. All through Hvar (Hvar town not the island) may have a reputation as the party island there is much more to it than just partying.

Reaching Island Hvar from Split is quite simple, if traveling with car for exploring the whole island a ferry from Split will cruise in ferry harbor at rustic Stari grad island Hvar. Not so famous as town Hvar on the other side of island but it is a place which you can say away from it all. Car ride from Starig grad to Hvar takes around half an hour . Check out Hvar island map here

To visit only town of Hvar a day trip from Split can be arranged by renting a boat with skipper, or just taking the ride with catamaran which is on budget. Catamaran or ferry  ticket can be booked on line to Stari grad and Town Hvar here

Stories” about Hvar starts from the beginning of civilization, since 384/383 BC when the ancient Greeks from  had first colonized island.

Hvar Town

Hvar St. Stephen’s Square

St. Stephen’s Square

St. Stephen’s Square is the main Hvar town square (loc. name Hvarska pjaca) and the largest one in Dalmatia. In the beginning it was a deep bay that was filled over the century’s unit it get its shape in 15 century, square was paved in 1780.

On the east side of Saint Stephan Square is Hvar is Saint Stephen Cathedral, which is built on at the site of the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary of Lesna. St. Stephen is also the heavenly patron saint of the city of Hvar.

Hvar fortress

Hvar Fortress Fortica

Looking from St. Stephen’s square on the north side of Hvar old town up on small hill you will notice fort Španjola fort, locally called Fortica (Just like Fortica in Omiš).

Fortress construction began after 1278, when Hvar was under the authority of Venice. In year 1551, new fortress was built on the place of the old one. Under the Ottoman Empire siege in year 1571 it was used for a shelter for locals.

Major damage caused a lightning strike in 1579 when it hit the gunpowder storage inside the fortress. It was built again at the beginning of 17 century when baroque defense bastions where added.

The fort houses a collection of amphorae, unforgettable view and there you can have a cup of coffee or a cold drink up there. Do not forget to take your camera with; you will be sorry if you do not.

bells-bHvar bell-tower-fortress-church

Alonge the Hvar town 24 century of history is stretch for you to discover, left in the city stones and buildings.

Summerhouse of Hanibal Lucić

is a classic example suburban summerhouse, which was built sometime in the middle of 16th century. This enclosed Renaissance property with two houses and a spacious garden hold the Hvar Heritage Museum.

Benedictine convent

Since 1664, the Benedictine convent is located in the residential complex of Hanibal Lucić family. Baroque church of St. Anthony the Abbot and John the Baptist take place from the 17th cent just next to the convent.

Hvar old town

City Lodge of Hvar

construction started in 15th century, but it was first mentioned in 1289. Completed and open for public was in 16th century. Burn down by Turkish invasion in 1571.  City Lodge of Hvar got the final appearance at the beginning of 17th century. Under the Venetian authority, it was used as a public courthouse, custom duties and public auctions.

Single-naved Gothic building from 15th century is church of St. Mary, which is built at the place of earlier chapel of Holy Cross. Northern churches with renaissance chapel of Holy Cross was built in 1536. Inside you can see Matteo Ponzoni’s painting “Last Supper” is in the refectory. Museum collection and library are also in monastery.

Paklinski otoci (Devils island Hvar)

You can take a speedboat tour to Paklinski otoci (Devils island Hvar) which are group of 15 islets in close proximity to town of Hvar. This place is known by sea cliffs and clear water and in the past, it was one of the favorite destination among the world celebrities. On those islets, there are numerous places to eat including one disco club and lovely beaches. In place like Hvar you will defiantly find something for yourself.

Places featured in video: Island Hvar, Island Vis, Island Bisevo, Pakleni islands Green cave – Vis Stiniva – Vis

Hvar sunset on sea

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